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Updated: 9/10/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • An electric generator consists of a magnet and a loop of wire which rotates in the magnetic field of the magnet
  • As the wire rotates in the magnetic field, the changing strength of the magnetic field through the wire produces a force which drives the electric charges around the wire.
  • the force initially generates an electric current in one direction along the wire. Then as the loop rotates through 180° the force reverses to give an electric current in the opposite direction along the wire.
  • oh, then how is the current be generated by an ac generator.
  • Every time the loop rotates through 180° the direction of the force and therefore the current changes. The changing direction of the force after every 180° of rotation gives the alternating current.
  • look into this diagram
  • you dont need to thank me, its my pleasure and duty
  • the magnet and wire an electric generator also has slip rings which make sure that the ends of the wire are always connected to the same side of the electric circuit. This makes sure that the direction of the current changes every half revolution of the wire.
  • the direction of the current is found by Fleming’s right-hand rule. The middle finger indicates the direction of the induced current in the conductor.
  • oh so that's how it works. but how do you find the direction of the current?
  • oh, ok. Thank you so much robo.
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