Watsons go to Birmingham: Homework
Updated: 2/5/2021
Watsons go to Birmingham: Homework

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  • we know
  • This should generate a little heat
  • If you think its cold now wait until tonight the weather is suppose to drop record low territory, possibly reaching negative 20's
  • Kids, I almost wasn't your father you guys came real close to having a clown for a daddy named Hambone Henderson...
  • The temperature in Atlanta, GA, is forcast to reach..*Daniel(dad) coughs*....the mid-seventies!
  • I knew it! I knew i should have listened to Moses Henderson.
  • Atlanta! That's 150 miles from home.
  • Wilona...
  • Oh Lord,not that story again. You've got to let me tell what happen with him
  • There's not a whole lot to tell, just about a young girl who made a bad choice. But, if u do tell it , make sure you get all the facts right.