English midterm
Updated: 3/11/2020
English midterm

Storyboard Text

  • The men Find themselves in the cyclopses cave and he won’t let them go so Odysseus blinds him and they run then next he gets a bag of wind from the king of the land Aeolia
  • After the trojan war, Odysseus and his men make their way back to ithaca.
  • After troy, hey stopped for supplies and got in drunken fights with cicones
  • Odysseus traveled threw the Charybdis that has a giant monster Next, the men find them on the sun gods island and were staving and eat his cattle while Odysseus then suffer the wrath of god Then he goes to calypso island where she keeps him there fora yearThen Odysseus goes to the Alciouns court and tells King AlcinousAfter 10 years at war and 10 years getting home 20 ears in total and finds suitors at his house and kills them
  • honey im home
  • landed on Island of lotus-eaters and Odysseus had to go save his crew when they got lost
  • landed on Circe island and got advice from her to go to the land of the deadthen meet Teiresias in the land of the dead to get guidance not to eat the cattle After that, he goes threw the sirens and ties himself up