Updated: 1/18/2021

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  • The Talibans closed all of the schools for girls, and banned them from every school in Pakistan.
  • Girls shouldn'tgo to school!
  • What we say is stronger than arms.I will post my comments on SNS,
  • In 2010, under Malala's door, notes began appearing from the Taliban threatening to murder her unless she stopped fighting for children's rights to education.
  • Malala and her friends were shot in the school bus, but Malala was in a very critical state unlike her friends who weren't severely injured like her.
  • The bullet was shot near her left eye which destroyed her left ear, and it also broke a part of her skull, the fragments were sent to her brain tissue. Although some thought she would die she miraculously survived.
  • Malala has received many awards, like the Nobel Peace Award in which she was the youngest person to have ever received it. Malala still works hard to achieve her goal which is that every child should have an education.
  • Thankyou!