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The Most Dangerous Game
Updated: 9/21/2018
The Most Dangerous Game
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Storyboard Description

Rainsford falls off the boat and swims to an island. He finds a mansion and the general tells him about the game. Rainsford plays the game and wins.

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • Rainsford and Whitney were sailing to an island to hunt when they heard gunshots coming from a island that they heard was bad. Whitney went to bed and Rainsford was smoking his pipe when he looked out to find where the gunshots were coming from and he fell overboard trying to save his pipe.
  • Climax
  • General Zaroff and Rainsford sat down and ate and talked. General Zaroff told Rainsford that he made up a game where he hunts people. Rainsford wants to leave the island but General Zaroff tells him he has to play the game or he dies right then and there.
  • Falling Action
  • Rainsford plays the game and is given 3 hours to hide and run. He climbs up a tree and hides there. When General Zaroff finds him, he just leaves him there cause he wants to have fun with him. Rainsford climbs down the tree and runs away.
  • Resolution
  • Rainsford keeps running till he finds a cliff. He knows that General Zaroff is right on his tail. So he jumps off the cliff and lands in the water.
  • When Rainsford lands on the beach, he feels light headed and tired.
  • Rainsford wakes up and goes to find General Zaroff and kill him. He finds the mansion and climbs up the open window to find General Zaroff getting ready for bed. He jumps into the room and the two of them fight. Rainsford makes General Zaroff jump out a window and he dies. So Rainsford sleeps in his bed.
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