The Principles
Updated: 3/3/2021
The Principles

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  • Principle 6: separation of power
  • Principle 2: Limited power
  • Principle 3: Rule of law
  • The Rule of law
  • This separation of powers makes sure the government does not become corrupt and also so one person does not have all the power. Barron de Montesquieu came up with the original plan of the three branches.
  • Principle 7: Checks and balances
  • New Law
  • This is used so the government does not make the laws unfair. Each branch of government has its own powers so the president can not have all of the power
  • Principle 1: Government is controlled by the people
  • This is the principle is the one that explains the rules of the laws. Nobody is above the law, everyone has to follow the laws
  • Principle 4: federalism
  • This principle is how the laws get passed. The law needs to go through all three branches to become a law
  • This starts with "We the people" this says that the people can vote for who is control of the government
  • This shares the government powers with the states so the states can have some power