Updated: 10/9/2021

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  • Hey Emma! my friend told me that sexual health isn't so important and when you have sexual intercourse for the first time YOU DON'T GET PREGNANT
  • Oh, really?...
  • Dean loves Emma and he is telling her what his friends told him about sexual health.
  • Emma didn't believed what Dean told her so she search in the internet about it, but she gets more informations that she doesn't understand.
  • Now that Emma realized that sexual health is very important. She wanted to talk with Dean and tell him what her parents told her.
  • But then she goes with her older sister, and talk with her about the topic. and she says....
  • You should talk with mom and dad about it ,because this is a very sensitive subject. And having sexual intercourse without knowing the consequences of it, this will bring you diseases or infections.
  • Ok...I'll talk with mom and dad
  • When Emma was talking with her parents she started to get nervous. But then her parents told her...
  • Don't worry Emma we will help you .
  • A person's sexual health includes their physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.
  • First you need to know what is sexual health, that includes a person's hygiene, healthy relationships and sexuality.
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