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C4 Storyboard
Updated: 4/14/2020
C4 Storyboard
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  • This party is so boring
  • It does't look like anyone is having fun at my friends party. She worked so hard to plan this.
  • ...Bring board games to play, play ice breakers, start dancing, do line dances, change the lights, get a disco ball, order in more food, have everyone pretend they're someone else and they have to stay in character all night, move the party to somewhere else, create a scavenger hunt around the bar, play regular trivia, make a how well do you know my friend trivia for everyone to play, get noise makers, have a confetti fight, have a food fight, get one of those murder mystery party stories and have everyone play along, play truth or dare, play never had I ever, play kings, play flip cup, play beer pong, play name that tune in teams, play family feud and everyone has to come up with their own family name and weird buzzer sound, first one to 10 points wins, start karaoke, get everyone involved in creating a playlist so every one enjoys the music that's being played, cut the cake, have everyone introduce themselves to everyone else so they feel comfortable talking to one another, create conversation starting cards so that people have things to talk about, start a comedy night and have everyone tell their best joke and then their worst joke-vote on who has the best joke and who had the best worst joke, have an actual comedian come in a do a show, bring in cute animals to play with, get a tv and play jackbox games that get everyone involved, play telephone or broken telephone, play two truths and lie but make them really hard, obscure facts to guess, find a deck of cards and play a game, get a ball and play monkey in the middle, play stone face
  • I wonder what I can do to make it better...I don't want her to be disappointed
  • I've got it! I'll use that thing I learned in ESP 252!
  • I'm gonna C4 it!
  • What was it called again? Oh yeah!
  • Add more decorations, Play some music, Invite more people, bring in a live musician to play...
  • Ok. My starting question is. What can I do to make this party more fun
  • Hmmm...I Could...
  • I think I'm going to try add more decorations, more food, music, and start line dances.
  • Wow. That's a lot of ideas. Now I have to decide which of these ideas to do
  • Ok. Time for a convergence question. Which of these ideas has the most potential to get people involved and having fun.
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