Population Trends
Updated: 11/6/2018
Population Trends
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  • The fruit flies have 10 on the 5th day. But they begin to have an exponential growth in the next days. This is when the flies are giving birth to the next few generations. But you can also assume that more flies are immigrating herein order to make the population to increase.
  • Flies have 300 in just 25 days. So I can tell that the flies are growing at an exponential rate. This means flies have immigrated here and emigrated from their home. But the first bugs have died by now.
  • The flies have either reached their carrying capacity or something is keeping them in check. The reason that the population has stunted. Plus it started to slow really fast. Its population started from rising from +100 to just 10 then none.
  • The rabbits start with 100 brothers and sister in the first generation. Next, the generations increase by five then to 1000. With this knowledge, the bunnies are having an exponential growth.
  • In generation 55 the first 51 generations will be dead by now. But the next generation will be giving birth to the next generation. what also would have helped this generation have 2,400 rabbits is immigration. Rabbits must have had to immigrate there and emigrated from their home.
  • Now at generation 100, there are 13,150 rabbits alive you can see that they have probably passed their carrying capacity. The reason is that they are still having a exponential growth. But other animals are probably having a logistic growth. The reason is, with the number of bunnies the ecosystem falling apart. But that might not be happening.
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