Unknown Story
Updated: 11/20/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • The Red fish was the fish that was in charge of the inspiration of the revolts. He motivated the other sea animals to take action to overthrow the Blue fish. He spread ideas about how to get rid of the dictatorship by having assemblies. The Red fish later gets eaten when the Blue fish finds out about his plans. He dies but his ideas spread and the other fishes are inspired to continue his ideas and make a change.
  • we need to kick him out the Caribbean Sea so we can take control
  • we need to get rid of the Blue fish! he is eating all the food and we are starving!
  • After the Red fish got eaten, the Green and Yellow fishes took power. The Green fish was the smartest and had many good ideas about how to start the revolution. The other sea animals couldn't think for themselves which led to them following the fishes blindly.
  • we will continue what the Red fish has started
  • the Yellow fish and I will be taking over this revolution
  • The Green fish created an ideology called "Sea Animal Equality Front" which is a socialist party that would make all the animals equal and would get rid of the dictatorship.
  • lets take power and kick the Blue fish out!
  • I have created something called the "Sea Animal Equality Front"
  • The Green fish gets killed by the Blue fish because he finds out about what the sea animals have been planning. This made the other animals very careful around the Blue fish because they didn't want to get eaten by the Blue fish like the Red fish and the Green fish did . At this time, all the animals were being worked very hard by the Blue fish to collect food for him and not keep any for themselves. This caused even more anger in them.
  • I will lead this rebellion to get equality for all!
  • guys the Green fish was eaten by the members of the Blue fish's dictatorship which makes me in charge!
  • All the sea animals were motivated to overthrow the Blue fish. And the Crab, which worked for the Yellow fish, made them even more motivated by supporting the ideas of the Yellow fish and spreading ideas of the "Sea Animal Equality Front" which made the other animals believe that they need to rebel in order to become equal and get equal food shares. The Jellyfishes were the most hard-working people during this time.
  • all the sea animals must obey the Yellow fish in order to have a successful rebellion!
  • we need all of the sea animals to help overthrow the Blue fish. at night, you all have to go and push the Blue fish out his thrown. you have to all work together in order to be able to do this
  • All the animals were ready for this rebellion and were looking forward for the next night so they could finally be equal. The animals were too excited to remember that the Blue fish was friends with the Octopus.