Sedimentary Rock --> Igneous Rock Comic Strip
Updated: 2/3/2021
Sedimentary Rock --> Igneous Rock Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Starting Rock (Sedimentary)
  • Location Change
  • Anybody else feeling a little warm?
  • Ah this happens all the time kid, you'll get used to it.
  • Rock Melts
  • (Magma)
  • This happens all the time, don't worry.
  • I, a sedimentary rock, sat in my home cave. Then, a tornado hit my home and took me along with it!
  • Magma Descends
  • Here he goes!
  • With the tornado dragging me along with it, I found myself near a volcano, lonely, and feeling warm. It felt like the Earth's interior was releasing energy causing me to warm up. My new friends say this is normal so I don't panic
  • Magma Rises
  • He's back!
  • Soon, I started getting BOILING HOT. I then began to melt into magma. I asked for help from my rock friends. But they stood there with no worries. Earth's interior was releasing a lot of energy!
  • Magma Transforms into Igneous Rock
  • See we told you you'd be fine!!!
  • For some time, I slowly go through the cracks of Earth under the plates and it feels really weird. Again, my careless rock friend seem to not care. :(
  • Please save meeeeee!
  • Now, I rise and see my friends again!
  • Hey guys! It was dark and creepy down there.
  • I now get a little colder and I become more like my friends. My friends tell me I'm just getting older and now I'm just like my friends! I guess it was ok after all! I thought my friends were crazy! Thanks to the earth's interior I fit in with my friends!
  • Wow! I look just like you guys!