Tom Sawyer
Updated: 3/17/2021
Tom Sawyer

Storyboard Description

The scene where Tom gets in trouble for talking to Huck.

Storyboard Text

  • Tom talking to Huck
  • Hello Huckleberry!
  • What's that you got
  • Hello yourself, and see how you like it
  • Dead cat
  • Going to school
  • Tom Sawyer walking to school
  • Tom getting asked why he was late
  • Come up here. Now, sir, why are you late again, as usual?
  • Tom meets Huck and they started talking about how to cure warts.
  • Classmates shocked
  • Tom walking in to school after school has already started meaning that he is late.
  • Tom getting punished
  • Now, sir, go and sit with the girls! and let this be a warning to you!
  • Tom is late again and is asked why. While being ask he notices his opportunity to get to sit with Becky Thatcher so he tell the master that he was talking to Huck.
  • Tom gets to sit with Becky
  • It's easy.I'll learn you.
  • Huck has a bad reputation around town so no one talks to him. So, when Tom told the master that he was talking to him, they were all shocked.
  • *shocked*
  • oh my
  • As a result of him being late and talking to Huck. The master decides to make Tom sit with the girls as Tom planned.
  • Tom planned worked. He got to sit next to Becky Thatcher and they are talking about Tom's drawings.
  • It's ever so nice-I wish I could draw.