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The flower
Updated: 2/19/2020
The flower
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  • Despite all that thinking, all those reminders, I decided to say...
  • that's when I messed up. I thought during that day, that she would understand that I'm kidding. I couldn't be honest with her since I was so into the character that I've always been. Cold, and distant.
  • I won't, really care. I mean, you're not really important in my life.
  • ... Heh you're joking right now aren't you?
  • And that's when I messed up even more.
  • No, no not really.
  • I should've asked her if she was okay, I should've been honest. Because after that day...
  • Leaving already? Yea, I'll see you later, I guess.
  • Thanks bestie. I'll see you around!
  • She passed away.
  • These are the words I should've said. The words that I should've said to her that day...
  • I'm sorry Caitlyn, I'm sorry. I really did care about you, I really did care about you asking random people out. I miss you. I'm so sorry that I didn't help you that day. I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?
  • Medium side shot of Lia's face. Voiceover plays before the voice line.
  • And that's when I heard it.
  • I'm in your head, silly.
  • "Ah, so you do care about me then? Prove it to me."
  • Over the shoulder of Lia and high angle shot facing towards Caitlyn.
  • I'm sorry for not helping you that day, I really wish I can make it up to you/
  • What do I have to do? To get rid of this burden?
  • "If you want to prove it to me, listen to what I say"
  • "You know about Ricky, the boy I used to like? I want you to send him a letter to him that I still love him dearly."
  • close up of her crying, then pan out to a long shot to show her bending over and crying with regret.
  • Are you sure this is the best way out? This seems like a bad idea...
  • Quick long shot to closeup of the face, then a point of view scanning the room searching for Caitlyn.
  • My life won't let me leave until my last wish. And that wish is, to show that you really care about me, then I will forgive you and leave.
  • Lia walks around in frustation while the camera is following her in a long shot.
  • But he's all the way over in another state now, and it'll be impossible to get there without it being fishy.
  • That's the thing. If you get to Ricky before the week ends, that proves to me that you care about me.
  • Switch between conflicted scenes such as robbing a bank, running away from police, and hiding out in a mysterious place.
  • "trust in me, Lia."
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