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Chemistry Cartoon
Updated: 11/19/2019
Chemistry Cartoon
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  • What a day? Chemistry was so interesting today.
  • Mrs. Paulsen explained how there are three types of bonds, non-polar covalent, Polar covalent, and Ionic bonding. She also explained what happens to the bonding electron in each bond.
  • Oh yah. I remember, for non-polar electrons, the electrons are equally shared. For polar covalent, the more electronegative atom hogs the electrons and the less electronegtive atom doesn't get any. Lastly, for Ionic bonding the more electronegative atom steals the electrons and the less electronegative atom doesn't get any.
  • Don't forget, there's a relationship between the bondings and smells. It all depends on the theory of the lock and key. There's a difference in electronegativity, for each structural formula there are negative and positive partials. If the partials are opposites then they attract to each other and that's how the smell is discovered. 
  • Also, a polar molecule is a molecule with a difference in electrical charge between two ends. Electronegativity creates polarity, and you can also get a positive and negative pole on the molecule caused by lone pairs and the size of atoms.
  • Yes, your right.
  • Yes, also the locations of electrons relates to partial negative and partial positive. If the element has lone pairs then it's partial negative and then from there you look to see if anything is partial positive that would attract.
  • So if the element doesn't have lone pairs, Does that mean it would be partial positive?
  • Don't forget that there are polar functional groups. The functional groups include carboxylic acid, alcohol, and amine. I found ougt that the most polar functional group would be carboxylic acid.
  • Wait, there was also information about dipoles. The dipole shows the polarity of an individual polar bond between the different atoms.
  • Great, this was a good review for us.
  • If we have a surprise quiz then we'll be good.
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