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Updated: 11/5/2020
Unknown Story

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  • sure as long as you provide all those things
  • hello, you should come to this reservation we will provide you with food water shelter and ladn also school for your kids
  • assimilation is when native americans kids were changed to look and act more like americans
  • but may i ask what is a reservation
  • reservations are land that we own and are giving to you to live on and we will give you a bunch of stuff
  • reservation land was really bad land not at all as good as there traditional land and really bad for hunting
  • what is this land it's probably the worst i've ever seen
  • your children are going to go to american school and were going to change them
  • what why
  • native american's boarding schools were trying to change native american's not just physically but changing how they think. these boarding schools were very bad and if a student didn't show up then a traunt officer would show up to your house
  • i think all native americans shiuld be forced to go to thr resrvation because they'll learn how to farm and become more like americans
  • I don't think we should force anyone to go because they can choose how they want to live because they are also humans