Deathwatch Morris

Updated: 8/27/2021
Deathwatch Morris

Storyboard Description

Bennett Morris Deathwatch

Storyboard Text

  • This is when Madec took Ben to hunt Bighorn and Madec thought he saw a Bighorn and he shot it but it was a oldman.
  • This is when out of nowhere Madec shoots at Ben.
  • I will give you 10k in cash if you don't speak of this.
  • Sheriff Department
  • Madec
  • The top is when Ben stumbled across the old mans camp and found a sling shot.The bottom is when ben was almost dying of thirst he found water and killed the birds for food.
  • Ben
  • The top is when Madec found Ben and shot him and hit him.The bottom is when Madec hid in the sand and shot Madec with his slingshot.
  • The top is when Ben puts Madec in the Jeep and drives to the sheriffs office.The bottom is when they get to the sheriffs office Madec offers ben 10k to not mention what happened in the desert.
  • The top is when Madec and Ben went to court and Madec won and Ben went to Jail.The middle is when Ben is in jail.The bottom is when Ben found proof that Madec was trying to kill him.