Show And Tell

Updated: 9/9/2021
Show And Tell

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  • Outside Now!
  • Your Fired
  • No please am only Sixteen! Am poor too!
  • It cost a lot of money and now its ruined!
  • Never Come Back cause your a disgrace to this house hold!
  • you wait and see I will be rich some day like you!
  • I did not mean to put your sweater in the pig pen!
  • 1 year later
  • Wait dress designers! that is a high paying job
  • This is so unfair!How would I become rich?
  • Wait a second......I could find a good paying Job!
  • hiring dressdesigners
  • Well I think so......
  • Hi! Am here to apply for the job of dress designer
  • Ok! Do you make nice dresses?
  • Ok...... Lets see for sure
  • Does that mean I work here?!
  • Oh my! Your the best Dress Designer that has ever worked here!
  • Is this good?
  • of course!
  • And that is how I became Rich!
  • I-I-I.......HOW?!