Berlin Airlift
Updated: 6/7/2018
Berlin Airlift
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  • At the end of World War II, the United Nations didn't know what to do with Germany, as they were destroyed. The UN didn't want Germany to deal with their situation themselves so they decided to provide support.
  • We can't be lenient on Germany. They need to pay for what they have committed! 
  • The Soviet Union, under the control of Joseph Stalin, disagreed on the plan the UN had in order to help Germany.
  • The Soviet Union decided to take maters into their hands and ended up taking over East Germany while the U.S., Britain, and France took West Germany. Berlin was the Capital of Germany, so the UN decided to split it into two. The Soviet Union decided to create a wall that separated the West form the East. The Soviet Union taking control of East Berlin and the UN over West Berlin.
  • The UN, met up once again to come up with a solution to be able to provide for West Berlin because it was surrounded by Soviet territory.
  • We must provide for those who depend on us. We can not give in.
  • The UN decided to do an airlift where a plane would take resources to the people of West Berlin. 
  • We do not seek war. We just want to come to an agreement.
  • The Berlin wall lasted from June 24, 1948 through May 12, 1949. Conflicts between the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, and the U.S., Harry S. Truman, continued to expand.
  • We want nothing to do with you. We will grow strong and soon we will be the most powerful country in the world.
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