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thw talking skull
Updated: 9/20/2019
thw talking skull
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  • setting:forestcharacters:wood cutter, talking skull, the manager of a store near the forest, workers of the managerlesson:don't lie
  • The Wood cutter was out in the forest looking for big, tall trees to chop down.The Wood cutter tripped over a white skull.He looked down and picked it up."How did you get here?" said the wood cutter."lying brought me here over the next bunch of bushes you will find a load of trees"
  • The Woodcutter ran to the bushes and started cutting as many trees as he could chop.When he got back to the store that he worked at he wanted to keep it secret that he found a talking skull and it told him where to find patches of trees.
  • He told every worker at the store that he tripped over and tumbled into a patch of trees. The Manager heard the lie and didn't believe him.The wood cutter said the truth but the manager still didn't belive him. He protested his innocence and he took the manager and the rest of the workers to the place where he found the skull.
  • The Woodcutter picked up the skull and gently whispered "How did you get here?" but the skull was silent again and again he tried but still nothing again and again but to no evail "I was right you are a lier, a madman and a fool all rolled into one
  • The manager fired him he felt upset,heartbroken,and sad. he sat next the bush and was crying. The white scull turned to the woodcutter and said how did you get here the white scull replied
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