Unknown Story
Updated: 8/29/2018
Unknown Story
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Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • The Story takes place in the Hadleys' house. It also takes place in the nusery (veldt). The Hadleys are the main characters.
  • Climax
  • The nusery is a veldt that the Hadleys children play in. George and Lydia Hadley see that the veldt was turned into Africa. There where lions killing and eating something.
  • Falling Action
  • Mr. and Mrs Hadley want to know why the veldt is turned to Africa. When their children, Wendy and Peter Hadley, come home, They ask them about the African Veldt. The children say that it wasn't Africa. Mr. Hadley to go look. Then Wendy goes into the room and comes out saying it wasn't Africa. When Mr. Hadley went into the room it was a magical forest. Then He told the Children to go to their rooms.
  • Resolution
  • Mr Hadley turned off the Veldt in the nursery and all the other machines. The children started going crazy they were crying and screaming. When Mr. Hadley turned the Veldt back on and Mr. and Mrs. Hadley Went to go get dressed to go to the airport, Wendy and Peter called their parent to come to the nursery.
  • Mr. and Mrs Hadley ran into the nursery to find that the children weren't in there. Then the door slammed and They were locked inside. They could hear Wendy and Peter on the opposite side of the door.
  • The lions were closing in on Mr. and Mrs. Hadley. Then the lions attacked. While being attacked they knew that the screams they heard ealier were there own. When Mr. Clean walked into the house he went to the veldt and saw Wendy and Peter eating a picnic lunch. He asked where their parents were, and they said they would be there in a bit. Mr. Clean saw that the lions were eating something. When they were done and going over to the watering hole that is when he knew what the lions attacked. They attacked the Hadleys.
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