final part of sports can be dangerous
Updated: 6/8/2021
final part of sports can be dangerous

Storyboard Text

  • See i told you that you would enjoy it
  • This is way more fun than football
  • I'm gonna throw the ball fast to you
  • Oh no I am really sorry I don't mean it
  • Oww my knee really hurts
  • Thanks that is really good to hear
  • Your knee should heal in a week just rub this on your knee every day
  • Ok now that we learned that sports can be dangerous sometimes we need to be safe about what we are doing in sports , ok lets go.
  • Yeah you are definitely right we should be safe, let go running outside but with a helmet and kneecaps to be safe so we don't trip
  • Boys the dinner is ready
  • This is soo good and yummy
  • Lets begin 3...2...1...Go!
  • Go!