Spanish-Amirican War*
Updated: 1/15/2021
Spanish-Amirican War*

Storyboard Text

  • Cuban Rebellion- Yellow Journalism
  • Rebellion
  • Blowing up of the USS Maine
  • McKinley's role in Peace
  • I want to keep Peace with Spain!
  • The Cubans were not happy because they wanted independance.They rioted and rebeled aginst the Spanish. The newspaper exagerated all of the information so the people back in American thought it was alot worse than is really was.
  • US demands to Spain
  • Cuban Indapendence, Money for the Maine, Truce with Cuba, and no more concentration camps
  • The USA sent a ship called the USS Maine to Havana the capital of Cuba to protect America's suger cane and to make sure the riots did not get out of hand. The ship exploded and the USA blamed it on Spain.
  • Treaty of Paris
  • President McKinley wanted to keep peace because he did not want war with Spain
  • Territory gained by the USA
  • Puerto Rico
  • McKinley demands that Spain give Cuba Independence, money to rebuild the Maine, to end concentration camps, and a truce with Cuba. But, Spain did not want to free Cuba so they went to war!
  • After the USA won the war the President of USA and Spain went to Paris to sign the Treaty of Paris which officialy freed Cuba, and ended the war.
  • From the Treaty of Paris the USA, gained owership of these three islands. The End
  • Guam
  • Philippines