Fahrenheit 451
Updated: 1/29/2021
Fahrenheit 451

Storyboard Text

  • Montag meets Clarisse
  • Do you enjoy your life?
  • I don't know???
  • Montag loving his job (Dream World)
  • I love my job.
  • Mildreds Overdose
  • Mildred!!!!
  • When Montag meets Clarisse she kind of puts montag out of his dream world and actually realises life for a moment.
  • Lady who burned with her books
  • I will burn will my books!!
  • Montag for awhile was enjoying his job. He liked burning things and spending time with his team. But he later realised how important books are.
  • Montag finds out about Clarisse
  • I think Clearease died.
  • Montag came home from work and founded Mildred not waking up and very pale so he called 911. She woke up a couple of hours later not realising what she did.
  • Beatty tells Montag of the Origins
  • The books had false information in them.
  • A lady was hiding books and when the firefighters found out they burned her house down with her books. She wanted to burn with her books and this later then hit Montag as he was questioning things.
  • Mildred Told Montag in bed that she thinks Clarisse died. Montag is very hit hard with this because he liked Clarisse he thought she was a good friend.
  • She did!
  • Captain Beatty tell Montag about the origins of books and why they burn them. He tells Montag that they hold false information.