life is unfair
Updated: 12/29/2019
life is unfair
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  • betsy
  • matilda
  • arrow
  • linna and kent
  • clemintine
  • dad aka dave
  • connor
  • casey
  • author
  • taylor
  • clover
  • ieda
  • "welcome to your new home" said ieda "yes mother it sure is" said author "this is our home" said linna "yep isn't it a beaut" said linna,kent,matilda,clemintine,betsy and arrows dad "i agree to disagree" said kent and "i'm pretty sure matilda, clementine, besty and arrow agree as well" also said by kent "oh well, i think casey, connor and me think its beautiful" said taylor
  • "this is your room hope you like it" said ieda "and you don't get to say no" what that's not ..." said linna "NO EXCEPTIONS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY NO SAYING NO"
  • "this is your guys room" said ieda "okay" said clemintine and matilda at the same time
  • "um okay" said ieda "ugh i have to share a room with these two" said taylor "yes darling i'm terribly sorry" said ieda
  • "hey hey hey welcome to your room" said dave "cool" said connor and casey sarcastically
  • "ah yes just as i pictured it" said author "wha wha t"said dave
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