Juvenile Justice Comic Strip
Updated: 4/1/2021
Juvenile Justice Comic Strip

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  • Once they declined the Informal adjustment, they discussed what would happen next and the outcomes they'd prepare for
  • It was a sunny afternoon and 16 y/o Ka'niah was caught drinking alcohol she bought from a bar next door
  • Miss ma'ams don't tell me you got that drink from the bar. You a little to young for that.
  • I know this woman ain't trynna arrest me
  • After a phone call was made to Ka'niah's parents, she was taken to the police station to discuss what took place
  • witnesses said that she went to the bar with some acquaintances without guardianship.
  • All right then, officer. We'll discuss this at home
  • It appears that she did go to the bar without your consent and equip with alcohol.
  • She'll be on watch for 3 months as long as she pleads guilty
  • Objection. There will be NO informal adjustment
  • The next step was the Adjudicatory Hearing where they'd determine if Ka'niah's act as unruly or delinquent
  • A Child going to a bar without parents and/or is caught with alcoholic drinks in hand is unruly but not something she'll be lock up for.
  • However, there are some suggested sentences...
  • After some events, Ka'niah wasn't sentenced to anything major. However, she did end up being grounded for a few months
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