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Updated: 9/3/2020
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  • Persia, beginning in 559 B.C.E., was ruled under Cyrus the Great. Later under the rule of Darius,the land was divided and satraps were appointed.
  • Darius tolerated everyone as long as they paid taxes and contributed to the army. Women were allowed to own property and work jobs.
  • Covering over 1,700 miles across Persia, the Royal Road was notorious for trading.
  • The main belief was Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism a multi-faceted faith centered on a dualistic cosmology of good and evil.
  • Persia and Greece fought many battles that were called the Persian Wars. The wars led to Persia's decline.
  • With the fall of one empire, another one rises. Philip ll's son, Alexander, spreads the Greek influence creating Macedonia.
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