Ender returning home
Updated: 2/4/2020
Ender returning home
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  • Ender has defeated the buggers and then Mazer Rackham and Colonel Graff were there to tell them he succeeded the mission and that they have leave the buggers planet before something bad happens to them.
  • When they boarded the ship Ender had went to change clothes and when he came back they had told him that after a lot of thinking and converting they think that he should go home and go to his family and that when thy get to Earth he is free to do as he pleases.
  • As they were arriving they were all laughing and talking about the good and bad memories they had but Ender was still thinking about seeing his family will go and if Peter and him will have a good brother relationship and if Valentine still loved him the way she did before..
  • When they arrived everybody still seemed happy but deep down inside he was still nervous and didn't know what to expect when he gets home.
  • As Ender walked into the house his mother was shocked and then his dad came to see who was there and he was also shocked in a happy way. Ender was also shocked because he didn't expect to get that kind of reaction. But then Valentine came down stairs and was the most excited/shocked! but after all everybody was happy to see Ender and nobody knew where Peter was but he'll probably see him later.
  • Even though Ender still wan't used to the environment his mom suggested they o to the county fair and catch up on things and have a good time with the family. Ender was finally happy again since he was with Valentine and especially his parents.. he was still worried on how Peter will react but whats the worst that can really happen..
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