1st 9 Weeks Project- Comic Strip - Part 2

Updated: 10/7/2021
1st 9 Weeks Project- Comic Strip - Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Event #7
  • This memories will forever have change me and they can't go away either.
  • I won't give this feelings, I can't.
  • Event #8
  • You guys can't play this! It's bad! Really, really bad! I'm not playing!
  • What is he talking about?
  • Event #9
  • You really want to know how they release a baby?
  • Yes.
  • Is that my dad?... Did he just kill the baby?
  • Jonas stopped taking the pill which makes his pleasurable dreams come back, and he feels guilty about it. Yet he won't won't give up the Stirrings or the memories giving to him.
  • Event #10
  • Jonas get upset when Fiona and Asher play war because of the memory of war given to him. He says its a mockery of something horrible, but they are only annoyed and confused by it.
  • Event #11
  • Jonas learns the real meaning of releasing a baby and sees how horrible it is and how cruel the community is. He doesn't even want to go home after his father lied to him about such thing. He is horrified and feels betrayed.
  • Event #12
  • Jonas and the Giver make a plan for him to escape, so people can have those memories back. To help Jonas on the journey, the Giver gives him all the memories of courage and strength.
  • Jonas finds out his father and the other staff of the Nurturing Center, voted for Gabe to be released which he could not let happen. Jonas decides to take Gabe with him and uses his own courage and strength through the harsh journey they embark to get to Elsewhere.
  • Jonas finally sees the light and hears the music as he rides down the hill. They made it!