Create Your Own Superhero
Updated: 3/8/2021
Create Your Own Superhero

Storyboard Text

  • The baby was left behind after his parents died in a tragic ship accident
  • As time passed he slowly drifted to a small island where a women lived who would take care of him. She named him Simon. She slowly realized there was something special about Simon. He had super strength.
  • As he grew older he relized that he was meant for something bigger than living with him mom on an island. He wanted to figure out where he came from. He was hesitant to leave because the island has many dangerous monters and if he were to leave he could not protect his mother.
  • He began to swim to the nearest city. Little does he know this is the ciry where his parents lived and where he was born.
  • In this city called Abton he begain a new life. Before he left for Abton he knew his mother was in danger because of the monsters on the island. He made the decision to go back home to his mom
  • When he got back his mom told him about how the monster Lye has gotten much worse. He has terrized the people their for years and they tried everything,