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Carl Aquazuz's Journey
Updated: 3/11/2020
Carl Aquazuz's Journey
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Storyboard Description

This comic is all about a little water droplets journey through the water cycle.

Storyboard Text

  • Hello my Name is Carl Aquazuz
  • Carl Aquazuz's Journey
  • I'm being evaporated. I'm being heated by the sun and being turned from a liquid to a gas. Since I'm now a gas I have a lighter density than the air and I will rise up.
  • My Name is Bill Sky the Cloud Guy. I was once a water droplet like you were but I was condensed to form a cloud. Condensation is when water vapor is cooled to form clouds.
  • Hello my name is Carl Aquazuz. I have been turned into water vapor.I hope that we can become good friends
  • I am precipitating. I became too heavy for the cloud to hold and so I fell out of it and became rain. I could have been rain sleet snow or hail. I wasn't able to stay with Bill Sky. I am very sad and i want to go back. Wait what is this... I'm going back!
  • Now that I have been evaporated and turned into a gas again I can find Bill. Bill Im back...Bill!
  • I can't find bill. He is nowhere to be seen. I have asked other clouds if they have seen Bill Sky but they say they don't know who he is.
  • I'm Precipitating again, but wait I recognize this lake. This is the lake i was in before i met Bill. Maybe I'll evaporate again and find him. There is something strange though. I am feeling a tug to go underground. Like something is pulling me down.
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