Updated: 6/10/2020

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  • BUT, That day I learned It was Ok to lose if you tried your best and I tried my best that day.
  • I started from the left and dribbled hard to the right and scored. (1-1)
  • I dived to save the ball, but as I dived I slowly realized the ball was getting the farther from me.
  • Now It was her turn. I went far up to pressure but she took one dribble to the left and got past me and scored. (3-1)
  • Mom took two dribbles to the left and shot it. I was unprepared and she scored. (1-0)
  • My mom was running up caught her off balance and I feinted left and went right and scored open goal.(3-2)
  • I went to the right and blasted the ball , but the ball went up and missed. (2-1).
  • I stayed back to protect the goal. Mom took 2 dribbles and shot.
  • She Scored.
  • Mom needed only goal to score. I was determined to stop it.
  • MOM. I am done.
  • Yeahhh
  • Ok...
  • If you eat you can go outside and play.
  • I am SUPER HUNGRY!!!!
  • FIRST TO 5.
  • MOM I am hungry
  • Go to your table. I am going to find something.
  • I should play with someone.
  • The Salad
  • Check the Fridge.
  • There is nothing in the Fridge.
  • Go to your dining Table I am going to find something.
  • I am WAITING
  • She got a test tomorrow.
  • Then I will play
  • DEAL.
  • Can you play with me?
  • I reluctantly finished the salad.
  • If I win You will never make Salad again.
  • What about your sister?
  • Mom went to the left at first but came back right and scored (2-1).
  • Mom faked left and moved right. I was caught off guard and she scored. (4-2).
  • Mom was very high on the field. Quickly I went to the right and scored. (4-3).
  • I cryed for some time.
  • I hate Salad.
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