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7th Grade By Gary Soto
Updated: 3/27/2020
7th Grade By Gary Soto
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  • Exposition
  • Exposition (Conflict)
  • Rising Action
  • As Victor was passing note cards in the computer lab his BFF Micheal came in the room. they did their handshake and Micheal ask how did his face change? Micheal had said from a GQ magazine
  • Climax
  • Vic waited in homeroom while emergency cards were passed attendance the basics. But Victor just sat their thinking of Teresa who was 2 rows behind. the bell rang but he did not get up he waited for Teresa they then bumped into each other she said ¨Hi Victor¨ He then said ¨Yeah thats me¨.
  • Rising action
  • .Victor raised his hand faster then the flash. The teacher called on him ¨Yes¨ the question was ¨Ẅhat is a noun?¨. Vic said a person place or thing. Then the teacher asked name a specific noun Vic blurted ¨Teresa¨. another kid had his hand raised teacher called on him ¨Teresa´s house with her big brothers¨
  • They ate slowly scanning for Teresa. But he could not see her he grabbed his lunch. And quicly grabbed his lunch and went outside.
  • Victor grabbed all his stuff and went outside to a tree trying to find Teresa he saw her under a plum tree he went to a table near their tree then the bell rang she picked up her stuff sweetly and headed to french
  • Victor arrived at class late so he had to sit in the front row on the board is said Bonjour a couple people braved and set it Mr Bueller then asked if anyone knew french Victor raised his hand he said ¨“Tres bien. Parlez-vous francais?” the teacher then said ¨LA me vave me conle grandma¨he asked him to speak up he understood he didnt know french he then sang but Victor was embarrassed and weak he stormed out but Teresa asked if he could tutor her. she said yes
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