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Updated: 2/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Peter Parker here and today we will be exploring P and S waves along with Seismic Wave data and the Seismograph. Lets begin!
  • P and S waves are two types of body waves. Their depth is typically between 50-250 kilometers.
  • Up here, we can accurately observe the effects of P and S waves.
  • P waves travel faster than S waves so they can travel through thick rock and dense fluids.
  • S waves, however, can travel only travel through thick rock because of how slow it travels
  • Lets talk about seismic wave data
  • Seismic wave data helps record the Earths interior through waves
  • To get seismic wave data we need a seismograph
  • A seismograph is an instrument used to detect earthquakes in the Earth 
  • Like I said before, Seismographs detect earthquakes but can also help us understand the interior of Earth
  • I hope you've learned something today. This is Peter Parker signing off.
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