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Updated: 3/9/2020
Non fiction
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  • I'm Phineas Gage and i work as a railroad construction worker
  • Phineas was at work just like every other day. He and his assistant were mixing a formula to blast solid rocks. They have done this many times and are very expirienced with it. To make a formula, they had to pour the powder, set the fuse, pour the sand, tamp the sand plug, warn everyone before they light the fuse and run away from the explosion. If they mess up one little bit, things will go wrong.
  • They were mixing the fomula but forgot to put the sand in. Neither of them noticed. Something distracts Phineas and as he looks to his right, he drops his iron rod into the blast hole.
  • the iron rod shot up and went in from under his left cheekbone, passes behind his back eye, through the front of his brain, and out the middle of his forehead. Everyone heard a loud noise and saw what was happening. Phineas was bleeding a lot but was still alive. His men quickly found a way to get him back to Cavendish hotel which is where he was living.
  • BLAM
  • Dr.Harlow which was Phineas's doctor, shaved his head and examined the injury. He has a "open brain" injury. After that, he started to heal week by week. He was suprisingly calm thorughout the whole thing. he never cried and stayed strong.
  • Everyone described Phineas as "no longer gage" his personality completely changed after the injury.
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