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Holes comic strip
Updated: 3/30/2019
Holes comic strip
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  • After a waiting awhile Stanley's lawyer came, and she said that she was supposed to pick him up yesterday but he wasn't there. Then she realized the lizards that were on the two boys, and she was thinking of a way to get the lizards off of them. But then the lizards crawled off on their own because they don't like onions, and since the boys have been eating onions for a while the lizards did not bite them. . But then Zero said that the case said Stanley on it, so it technically belonged to Stanley . Then Stanley's lawyer said that they had to go right now, but Stanley begged her to take Zero with her. They did some research on Zeros files and then they ended up taking both of them, and they also took the case. When they got back there was some valuable stuff in the case so they exchanged it for money and then Stanley and Zero split the money. Stanley had enough money to buy his once poor family a house that they have always dreamed of with a laboratory in the basement for his dad's work with recycling old shoes. And Zero was able to get private investigators to help him find his mom who he had not seen in a while, because she left him when he was little one day. And that is the End of the story.
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