Hunting animals for fur
Updated: 1/22/2020
Hunting animals for fur
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  • I do not care about animals we human do not even need them in earth we just need there fur!
  • Hi there did you Know that people are killing animals for fur and so animals are not serviving the animals are so poor. This is impportant because it is true.
  • People like Bryan Christy came up with a plan to find out what poachers were doing;he had some fake elephant tasks made.Inside was a GPS device that could be Followed by satellites.
  • I want the reader to Know that the people or hunters should Know that they should stop hunting animals for fur and so like an elephant was known for his enormas tusk the famous bull elephant was also a target for poachers so they attacked him with poisnes arrows how sad is that. hunters should stop hunting animals for fur.
  • So the elephant went to look for food and boom They shooted him until the elephant was down they did not care if he died they just wanted his tuskes I want the hunters to be caught doing that,many people are working hard to stop hunting animals for fur.
  • those animals are tyring they ate our goat.
  • Know that i have those two animals i am going to take there fur and going to eat or throw there flesh,I don't care about that girl i only care about my money.
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