Maori's experience of the Hospital
Updated: 6/2/2021
Maori's experience of the Hospital

Storyboard Text

  • I wish we could see Maori health professionals. I don't like going to hospital.
  • I know but you are in a lot of pain and need urgent care. I will be here with you to support you.
  • Good afternoon, as you can see we are very busy today with lots of other people like yourself who did not want to pay to see their GP. Take a seat and you will be called when someone is free to see you.As we are overcrowded your wife will not be able to stay with you.
  • She is so rude. Maybe we should have waited a week to see our doctor, but my husband is in so much pain. I just hope he will be alright.
  • You have gout. It is caused by what you eat. You need to change your diet and stop eating so many takeaways.
  • I wish my wife was hear to talk to the doctor. I don't eat a lot of takeaways but the doctor doesn't believe me.