Elizabeth Van Lew
Updated: 11/28/2019
Elizabeth Van Lew

Storyboard Text

  • I am going to help you escape but you must hurry!
  • These hold valuable info please give them to your superiors.
  • Hurry we mustn't be seen!
  • Dear Ms. Van Lew, I most thankfully inform you that, "you have sent me the most valuable information" thanks for all you hard work.- Ulysses S. Grant
  • This first illustration of an intense role Elizabeth Van Lew played during her story as a Spy Operative for the Union Army during the Civil War, Van Lew and her mother worked in a prison as nurses who treated the wounded. And thanks to her good persuasion she was able to get past guards and help soldiers from the Union Army as prisoners escape the prison.
  • Secondly, during this time when she was helping prisoners escape she was also passing on information she acquired to help the Union win the war. Van Lew was helping because she did not agree with the ways of the South which was slavery. And so Elizabeth Van Lew would hide valuable information in plain sight for the escapees to pass on to their superiors, and in such cases she hid papers inside hollow egg shells.
  • Finally in this picture Elizabeth thanks to her hard work in getting information to the superiors of the Union side she was sent by Ulysses S. Grant a letter that told her she had sent the most valuable information. Later on Van Lew was titled as postmaster of Richmond.