Ch. 13-21 (Doogs)
Updated: 5/11/2020
Ch. 13-21 (Doogs)

Storyboard Text

  • Ch. 12 "The First Bomb"
  • Ch. 13 "The Second Bomb"
  • Ch. 16 "The Third Bomb"
  • The bomb was so sudden! Theo & Dug ran into the kitchen with no flames. Mrs. Theadorakis ran out thinking she had blood all over her, when it was just tomato sauce. Angela was thinking about calling the fire dept. but they were snowbound. Everyone had questions for each other. The judge now knew four hiers. James Hoo, Theos father, Sandy Mcsethers, and herself.
  • Ch. 21 "The Forth Bomb"
  • No one had been in the kitchen when the bomber set a can of Mon-sodium Gludimade, the color striped candle would burn down at 6:30, No one would be hurt... Everyone had to figure out there jobs and what they would eat.
  • Angela had been now opening her wedding gifts. In the present with the gold ribbon there had been... A big bang loud noises every where boom, rapid noises everywhere. Then it was over, Grace wondered if anyone had been hurt, Angela had been burned. They things had been suspicious, some was a murderer, one was a bomber, one was a bomber, but they didn't know who, or it could have been one person in all. At the time the heirs had been all searching for clues.
  • They had came to the conclusion of thinking that Turtle was the bomber. BOOM! the bomb had been in the elevator, but the bomb had hurt Turtle now.. The bomb squad decided the prisoner should be kept in apartment 4d with the judge. So her and the judge talked but it seemed to Turtle was hiding the bomber. Turtle also confessed that she was in the westing house and Sam.