Fast Break
Updated: 3/8/2021
Fast Break

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  • When Jayson came in from practicing Mrs. Lawton started talking to him. She said she had been talking to Mrs. Montgomery, Zoe's mom. "She has the idea that you guys had become friends." Said Mrs. Lawton. Jayson was furious. He did not want Zoe to find out he was a thief. So he pounded the ball hard against the ground. He lost control of it when it came back up it it knocked over Mrs. Lawton's Favorite piece of Art work. Suddenly Jayson felt terrible.
  • Jayson had to play against his old team. The game came down to the end. Belmont down by 1. Jayson drove in and had two guys open and there were 2 seconds on the clock. But he didn't pass, he tried being the Hero but it failed. He got Blocked and they lost.
  • As promised, Jayson went to Zoe's game. He stayed for the whole game and the two of them decided to hang out at her house after the game. It was 0-0 with not much time left. Someone had to score. Zoe stepped up to be the Hero and it worked. She scored and her team won the championship.
  • Jayson felt so bad that he broke Mrs. Lawton's Horse that he got her a new one for Christmas. He knew that it wasn't as good as her other one because she made that one, but he still wanted to try. And she loved it.
  • Jayson was living his worst nightmare. He was at the grocery store when he overheard a conversation of Mrs Montgomery and one of her friends. She was talking about how Jayson had been a thief. Then how she told Zoe that Jayson had been a thief. He was supposed to meet with Zoe to have lunch today, but he decided he had other plans.
  • The bobcats had beaten Moreland east in the Championship 57-56. This meant that they were going to play at the Cameroon. Every Basketball kids dream. Jayson love every part of it. Finally before running out on the court from the locker room, Jayson bent down and smacked the D for Duke. His teammates did the same. Then coach told him to take them out. Jayson ran out into the bright lights of his future.