The Daily Life In The Roman Empire
Updated: 12/19/2019
The Daily Life In The Roman Empire
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  • Daily Life in the Roman Empire
  • Life is great in the Roman Empire!
  • Not for all of us! What's so great about your daily life?
  • Food and Drink
  • I have a full size kitchen in my house and my slave goes out and picks the perfect food for our fancy dinners.
  • We only have tiny grills and we have to eat fast-food most of the time if we can afford it. My dinner consists of a chunk of fish with asparagus!
  • Housing
  • Our houses were grand and built with stone and marble. I have an indoor pool and a full sized kitchen as well as a dining room.
  • We are crammed into tall apartment buildings that are very noisy and dirty. Heck, you might even see a rat with a disease! We do not have proper kitchens either and there are many fire hazards because it is made of wood.
  • My brother and I were tutored by my father and his slave then eventually got sent off to school when we were 6. On the way to school we usually stop at a local breakfast bar. When we get there we sit on lovely cushions while out teacher talks about different topics.
  • Education
  • I didn’t go to school, I usually had my parents to care for me until I was old enough to work and make money for myself and my family.
  • Family Life
  • My father works at a well paying job. My mother works around the house to clean up and take care of everything as well as making meals.
  • Woah, that seems nice. Both my parents have to work in order to feed and care for my family and I have to start working soon.
  • The End
  • The End
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