Social Studies Project- Sia Canelos
Updated: 4/1/2021
Social Studies Project- Sia Canelos

Storyboard Text

  • Athens Military
  • BANG!
  • Athens Economy
  • Hello, Welcome! I see you have the fish.
  • Athens Education
  • The Athenian Military was the strongest Army in Greece, only men were allowed to be in the army and they would only be in it for two years.
  • Sparta Military
  • Athens's economy heavily relied on fish trade, because no one wanted to trade on land because it was so mountainous and so hard to carry goods over. The economy was the Sea Industry, fish was a very good source of food for them, along with Olives, Oil, Cheese and bread.
  • Sparta Economy
  • Education in Athens was only meant for boys, girls were not allowed to go to school. Athens really focused on knowledge in school and teaching the boys things such as art, mathematics, literature, writing, etc...
  • Sparta Education
  • Spartan Military was very strong, they have the best Army in Greece. Spartan Men trained to be warriors at the age of 7! Their only focus was war and fighting.
  • The economy in Sparta has a very wide variety of fruit, such as grapes, apples, and many more. Sparta was a farming community, but it was hard to find fertile soil, which was rare in Ancient Greece. They also had many domesticated animals, some meant for food, some to help out with farming, like cattle to provide milk and cheese, as well as goats.
  • Education in Sparta was not your traditional education, it was learning to fight. They even let some girls participate. Spartan children started training to fight at as little as the age of 7!
  • Come on now! FIGHT! Even the GIRL is doing better!