Jordan Reilly Habit Storyboard
Updated: 5/21/2020
Jordan Reilly Habit Storyboard
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  • Habit 1 - "Be Proactive"
  • Grrr! I hate school.
  • Hey man, today is Friday! School will be over before you know it.
  • Habit 3 - "Put First Things First"
  • Homework is done! Now time to go hang out with Chloe!
  • Habit 4 - "Think Win-Win"
  • Great Game!Congrats on the win.
  • Great Game! Your team played really good.
  • Habit 1 is about setting your own goals and being in charge of your life. You can choose to be happy or be unhappy. Ways to be proactive are to set goals, control only what you can, be accountable for your actions. Take initiative and make a change.
  • Habit 1 - Future Practice
  • Next school year I am going to try and be more social and make new friends!
  • Habit 3 is about prioritizing and putting what is important first and getting that done. Ways to practice putting things first is by using an agenda to help you see what needs to be done first. If you get important things out of the way you will have more time for other things.
  • Habit 3 - Future Practice
  • I need to try and work on getting my chores and work done before I use my electronics.
  • Habit 4 is about finding a solution to a problem where everyone can win or be a part of the solution. Ways to practice Habit 4 is to celebrate everyone's victory since we are all winners. Be secure with who you are.
  • Habit 4 - Future Practice
  • Being social is something I do not like doing. Sometimes I am shy when I am around new people. I don't like asking for help or I get really nervous. Next year in 8th grade I will work on talking to more of my classmates or maybe try to make plans afterschool or on the weekends.
  • I really like playing video games and watching videos on my tablet. I know that it is a distraction and gets me into trouble. I will try to get my work or chores done before using my electronics.
  • When I play against people in a video game and lose, I get really angry. Sometimes it gets me into trouble because I yell. I will try to be fair and remember that it is just a game and I do not always have to win. I can practice by calming down first and remind myself that it is just a game. 
  • Jordan - close your eyes its just a game.
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