History project
Updated: 11/3/2020
History project

Storyboard Text

  • In the beginning of 1929, everything was fine. There was fertile land in the Great Plains so the Browns had moved their to do better farming.
  • The family was able to invest in a lot of crops, machinery and animals since people were able to buy with bank loans and credit at the time.
  • A lot of farmers in the area had the same idea and tons of farms and crops popped up in the Great Plains, what these farmers didn't know was that it the constant plowing and farming was eroding the land.
  • Because people were buying things with money they didn't have, there was a lot of debt. When the people in town weren't making money back, banks would shut down and there would be a bank run. The brown family rushed to take their money out of the bank.
  • Along with the browns having no money because of investments, there was also high temperatures and no rain resulting in little to no crops already.
  • The dry, windy weather and over farming caused dust to pick up and swirl around all through the plains. People in town, along with the browns had their homes, businesses and crops destroyed.