Jasmine, Kahiau, Nahalea, and Sean's Climate Change news report
Updated: 12/14/2019
Jasmine, Kahiau, Nahalea, and Sean's Climate Change news report
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  • Welcome Guy Hagi, and this is our...
  • Hello Guy Hagi my name is Sean and this is our climate change report.
  • The equator is giving us energy and carrying it around the world. The equator might be giving more energy around the world. That might be causing record breaking temperatures.
  • That hole you see is hole in the ozone layer. That hole is healing up real fast which means its closing up. That also might be what is causing record breaking temperatures
  • These climate changes are causing greenhouses to have more oxygen to give the air. The more the heat or temperature, the more oxygen there will be around the world.
  • These climate changes might stop winter from happening. This new normal that is happening might stop winter. Until in the future, or now.
  • We won't know if there will be enough heat around the world to have a fully global new normal. We don't know if this new normal will effect the North and the South poles.
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