Aladdin frustum story
Updated: 5/5/2020
Aladdin frustum story

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  • Once upon a time, there was a Frustum named Cylinderella. She lived in a big house with her father.
  • One day Cylinderella's father told her he was going to remarry to a widowed sphere named lady Trimain.
  • Soon after the marriage, Cylinderella's father passed away
  • She had a height of 5 feet, a bottom radius (R) of a foot, and a top radius (r) of 0.5 feet. if the volume formula is πh/3 (R²+Rr+r²), that makes her volume about 9.2 feet³
  • One night, The Castle through a ball for all the eligible figures in the kingdom to attend.
  • She already had two daughters named Drizella and Anastasia.
  • she found an old hat shaped like a small cone. The circumference fit her perfectly. When she wore it she became a cone herself.
  • Her new stepmother and sisters made her become their maid because they're evil.
  • Once cylinderella joined her sisters to go to the ball, they tore her hat so that she couldnt go and then left.
  • Cylinderella's stepmother said she couldn't go unless she did all her chores and found something decent to wear.
  • The circumference fit her perfectly. when she wore it she became a cone herself. The hat was 2 feet tall and had a radius of 0.5 feet. If the volume formula is πr²(h/3) then the hat's volume is 0.52 feet³
  • Once they were gone, Cylinderella went outside and cried. All of a sudden, a magic triangular prism popped out of nowhere. She said she was Cylinderella's fairy god-prism.