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Updated: 2/26/2020
Mighty Times Storyboard

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The story of how segregation ended and the huge impact that Rosa Parks had.

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  • Breaking News: Black women refuses to give up her seat on the bus!
  • Ma'am your coming with me!
  • This lady refused to give up her seat to a white man!
  • Top Headline: Hundreds of people form together in a mass meeting at a church!
  • The buses have unfair rules and laws!
  • We deserve the same rights as the whites!
  • We will have a boycott! No one shall ride the buses until we can sit in the front!
  • Breaking News: A boycott begins and bus companies suffer!
  • We are walking!
  • Get on the bus!
  • I won't get on your bus until I can sit in the front!
  • In 1955, all black people could not sit in the front of the bus. They also were required by law to give up their seats to white people. But, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. As a result, she was arrested. She sparked a rebellion that would eventually end segregation.
  • Story of the Day: The bus boycott surges on as a carpool starts to bring black people to their jobs.
  • La la la! La la la!
  • After Rosa's arrest, she called for a mass meeting at a church. She stood along side Dr. Martin Luther King in front of hundreds of people and spoke about the rights that black people should have. This is when the boycott started.
  • Top Headline: White people come together in their own meeting.
  • Black people are fighting for rights they can't have!
  • A bus boycott had begun! Black people all over the city refused to ride the buses. They decided they would not ride the buses again until they could sit in the front of the bus. The white people thought that the boycott would eventually end, but it did not. It only made people more determined as ever to end segregation.
  • Breaking News: Segregation has ended!
  • Black people across the city started a car pool to bring themselves to work. The bus boycott continued and the bus companies lost thousands of dollars. The carpool was a major success and everyone bonded together, sang songs, and had a good time. Although, white people were not happy with this new idea.
  • The white people of the city had enough of the protesting. They called for their own mass meeting and they talked about how the laws must not be lifted. They did not want segregation to end and they wanted things to stay the way they were.
  • Segregation had officially ended! By law, no one was allowed restrict people based on race. Black people could go anywhere they wanted. Although segregation ended, it did not necessarily mean that the discrimination was over.
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