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Updated: 1/27/2021
Coach robertson

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30 years war #1

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  • Causes of the 30 year war:* Religion played a huge role in the war* Political and territorial motives were also a great factor* Denmark, sweeten, France and Spain entered the war* Most of the war took place in western Europe * The 30 year war was one of the most violent and catastrophic wars in Europe before the 20th century
  • Key facts of the 30 year war:* The 30 year war was a 17th century religious conflict fought primarily in central/western Europe.* The 30 year war was categorized as one of the most brutal wars in human history.* More than 8 million people were killed in the war from the battles, disease and famine.* The war took place in 1618-1648* Even though the 30 year war took place in europe it was a global war.
  • Effects of the 30 year war:* There was major and catastrophic destruction of the holy roman empire* Peace of Westphalia was established* German states were divided as a result*Transformed western Europe in remarkable religious, social and political ways* The war being so violent led to a dramatic decline in German population. * another effect of the catastrophic war that took place most of the time in Germany was that many geographical changes occurred as well.