My Colony Project- Connor Girard
Updated: 3/8/2021
My Colony Project- Connor Girard

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  • The New England Colonies
  • Geography/ Climate
  • Economy
  • The Colonies that make up the New England Colonies are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Back then Maine was not a colony and Vermont was not a colony. Massachusetts was the biggest region at that time because it took up all of Maine's land. 
  • Tomas Hooker
  • The climate of my region is warm/ hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The fall is cold but nice, and the spring is warm but rainy. The geography of my region is rural with not a lot of farmland unlike the south. Which meant they didn't need as many slaves.
  • Religion
  • " In New England the soil was very thin and could only support small farms." Which meant not a lot of money for farming. They made most of their money from Building Ships, Fishing and Whale Hunting. Also they lived near rivers, like the Connecticut river, so they traded with the natives.
  • Government
  • Thomas hooker was very important. He founded Connecticut. He was born July 5, 1586. He was important because he was an outstanding speaker. He left Massachusetts to become better than the founder of Massachusetts, William Bradford. Not Just Tomas was important, all of the founders and governors were important.
  • The religion that was practiced in my region was Christianity. The puritans said that they would let anyone practice their own religion. But also they would hang people that didn't practice their religion. So I'm not sure if there dumb or crazy!
  • Most of the New England Colonies were self governed. When. the pilgrims came over to the new world, they made a compact. The Mayflower Compact. Which meant they would be self governed.