The House
Updated: 6/10/2020
The House
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  • eeeeemm, it's a long time without seeing you, your house is ... interesting my friend
  • I am very happy that you have come
  • Of course!
  • Her name was Madeline, I need your help for this, can I count on you?
  • I have something to tell you
  • So the brave knight killed the dragon and when he fell to the ground he gave a terrible scream
  • Mr. Usher was very ill, suffered from a rare disease, and was deeply saddened, because of this he wrote a letter to his only friend to visit him for a few days, as soon as his friend arrived, he felt scared, there was something strange in the house...
  • I can hear the strong and terrible beating of her heart, is standing outside this door
  • that's why the noises
  • Their reunion was strange, Usher did not look very good, his friend thought it was because his sister was seriously ill, until one day Usher told him that his sister had died, and that he needed help to bring his body and keep it for 15 days at home.
  • Days after closing the coffin, a great storm occurred, Usher's guest was terrified and heard noises and Usher went to his room, pale, just as scared, they decided to read to calm down, and while they were reading, they heard loud noises in the house, such as in the book, chilling noises.
  • the house collapses!
  • Usher said in a low voice to his frightened friend, that since they had closed the vault he had listened to Melanie, many days, many hours, he confessed that they had put the girl alive in the coffin, and that she would come up for him.
  • As Usher screamed the door swung open, dressed in white, with blood marks all over it, the mark of her struggle to get out of the coffin, she stood there trembling, and then with a low cry she fell finally dead in the arms of his brother.
  • Suddenly the red moonlight shone through a crack, that got bigger and bigger and bigger until the house started to collapse, the ceiling, the walls, a final scream and the house fell apart.Absolute silence...
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